Electric Melting Furnaces

electric melting furnaces iconDue to their design, electric melting furnaces offer excellent efficiency and uniform melting and holding.  They also feature virtually no metal gassing and very little metal loss. Our electric furnaces are easy to install and simple to run.  The lining in our furnaces is made of lightweight refractory bricks with a secondary layer of refractory fiber.  We offer both stationary and power operated tilting versions. All models feature built-in leak detection with an audible alarm.  Most models feature a cover to increase efficiency and conserve energy. Our versatile electric melting furnaces are suitable for metal casters, high pressure die casting, gravity, low pressure die casting, permanent mold, sand casting, investment casting and lost foam foundries.

EM-A Series – Electric Melting Round Crucible Furnaces

EM-A-220220 lb88 lb100 kg40 kg
EM-A-330330 lb110 lb150 kg50 kg
EM-A-550550 lb175 lb250 kg80 kg
EM-A-660660 lb300 lb300 kg100 kg
EM-A-11001100 lb480 lb500 kg220 kg
EM-A-13001300 lb350 lb600 kg160 kg
EM-A-17501750 lb440 lb800 kg200 kg
EM-A-22002200 lb660 lb1000 kg300 kg
EM-A Series - Electric Crucible

EM-B Series – Electric Melting Square Crucible Furnaces

EM-B-220220 lb110 lb100 kg50 kg
EM-B-330330 lb175 lb150 kg80 kg
EM-B-550550 lb265 lb250 kg120 kg
EM-B-660660 lb310 lb300 kg140 kg
EM-B-770770 lb350 lb350 kg220 kg
EM-B Series - Electic Square Melting

EM-C Series - Electric Melting Tilting Crucible Furnaces

EM-C-770770 lb330 lb350 kg150 kg
EM-C-11001100 lb440 lb500 kg200 kg
EM-C-17501750 lb660 lb800 kg300 kg
EM-C-22002200 lb880 lb1000 kg400 kg
EM-C Series - Electric Melting Tilting