Steel Heat Treating Furnaces

electric melting furnaces iconUsed for Heat Treating Steel, Annealing, Tempering, Nitrating, Aging, Quenching and Hardening.

EHT-S Series - Electric Heat Treating Furnaces for Steel

Rated PowerMax Load
EHT-S-60204700 BTU60 kW2200 lb1000 kg
EHT-S-75255900 BTU75 kW2645 lb1200 kg
EHT-S-120409400 BTU120 kW3300 lb1500 kg
EHT-S-150511800 BTU150 kW4850 lb2200 kg
EHT-S-210716500 BTU210 kW6600 lb3000 kg
Dynamo EHT-Series - with auto door