EM-A-1300 Electric Melting Furnace

Item: Electric Melting Furnace
Type: Melting and Holding
Heating Source: Electric Resistance
Capacity: 1300 lb (600 Kg)
Brand: Dynamo (Canada)
Model: EM-A-1300


Furnace Specifications
Holding Capacity1,300 lbs600 Kg
Melting Capacity (per hour)350 lbs160 Kg
Rated Power90 Kw90 Kw
Furnace Wall Temperature≤ 86° F30° C
Height (without cover)52 inch1320 mm
Height (with cover)70 inch1780 mm
Diameter59 inch1500 mm
Crucible Specifications
Crucible Height35.5 inch900 mm
Crucible Top Diameter31.2 inch795 mm
Crucible Bottom Diameter13.5 inch345 mm
Crucible BrandFOSECO(Vesuvius)
Crucible ModelBP600
Crucible TypeGraphite
Standard Features EM-A
Thermocouple Temperature Measurement
One Piece Cast Iron Lid
Swing Open Cover
Auto Over Temperature Warning
Leak Detection with Alarm
Lining Made of Lightweight Refractory Bricks
Secondary Layer of Refractory Fiber
Fully Automatic Operation
Standard Controls
PLC and HMI color touch screen with graphics and die setup memory
Allen Bradly PLC and HMI control system
Siemans PLC and HMI control system
Omron PLC and HMI control system

Disclaimer: Due to our constant pursuit of technical advancement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.


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