GM-D-4400 Gas Melting Furnace

Item: Gas Melting Furnace
Type: Melting and Holding – Dry Hearth
Heating Source: Gas (city gas)
Capacity: 4400 lb (2000 kg)
Brand: Dynamo (Canada)
Model: GM-D-4400


Advantages:   The dry hearth charging chamber has no molten metal in it thus it reduces the dangers of metal splash and prevents temperature drop caused by the addition of cold ingots or scrap to the metal bath.  The charging chamber is angled down and as the metal melts it runs into the metal bath.

GM-D-4400 Gas Melting Furnace

Holding Capacity4400 lbs2000 kg
Melting Capacity1650 lbs/h750 kg/h
Rated Power (melting burner)991,416 BTU/h250,000 kCal/h
Rated Power (holding burner)991,416 BTU/h250,000 kCal/h
Total Rated Power1,982,832 BTU/h500,000 kCal/h
Gas Pressure Requirement0.7 PSI5 KPa
Gas Consumption (per ton of alum)2500 Cf70 Cm
Furnace Wall Temperature≤ 86F≤ 30C
Maximum Temperature1560F850C
Dipwell Height42”1650 mm
Dipwell Size (W X D)23.6” x 21.6”600 x 550 mm
Furnace Size (L x W x H)165″ x 78″ x 130″4180 x 1980 x 3300 mm
Standard Controls
PLC and HMI color touch screen with graphics and die setup memory
Allen Bradly PLC and HMI control system
Siemans PLC and HMI control system
Omron PLC and HMI control system
Cleanout door on right side

Standard Features GM-D
Cleanout door on left side
Charging door on back
Advanced burner system which reduces generation of oxides
Low metal burn rate of less than 1.5%
Solid frame structure which is easy to clean and maintain
High thermal efficiency
Temperature control accuracy within 10° C
High quality cast refractory lining
Large charging rear door
Large side maintenance door
Temperature alarm
Dual temperature control (melting and holding burners)
Fully automatic operation
Advance PLC control which is easy to learn and operate

Disclaimer: Due to our constant pursuit of technical advancement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.


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